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If you are a nurse practitioner or other healthcare worker, every medical agency is looking for you. Jobs are in abundance these days, and there are positions that need to be filled “stat.”

Of course it all depends on whether you are looking for something fast, full time, or in your area. Most recruiters can find something for you fast. The healthcare industry is hungry for filling open positions right away. Employers may also want to fill the position with temps, per diems and contract workers first. This is because while there is a shortage of good healthcare workers, there are budget restraints as well. A recruiter usually has ongoing relationships with healthcare systems or private practices and can give you the skinny on what the environment is like so you know going in if there is a chance for full time employment.

If you are looking to relocate, find a medical agency or online resource that has reach in the area where you are going. Some recruiters are very localized to the city they are in and either have affiliations with other companies in different locations or will tell you they can help you, but do not have the contacts to really place you. In that case, online sites may be your best bet, as they represent both employers and candidates without borders and can match you to a great situation anywhere in the country.