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In a recent survey, over 40,000 physicians worked as locum doctors in 2014, and the number of healthcare facilities using temporary physicians rose to 90%.  Many of these physicians are coming out of their residency, and there are a number of reasons why they decide not to land in a full time position right away.

More of the new generation of physicians is interested in a work/life balance. After spending years in medical school and countless sleepless nights in their residency, these young physicians are eager to see the world and explore the many opportunities open to them.

These physicians do not want to dive into the politics and structure of a work environment right away. They also understand that by seeking temporary assignments, they will meet many more professionals and increase the range of contacts they may acquire for their long-term career goals.

Money plays heavily on the minds of locum doctors. They know that when they accept a temporary assignment, their relocation and housing is often paid for, along with a highly competitive compensation package, including their malpractice insurance. This gives them more money to take home with them, which they use for savings and paying off medical school debt.

Mostly, temporary positions give young physicians the chance to catch their breath and figure out where they want to practice. It is a great way to take in all the opportunities that they have worked so hard to accomplish.