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The Secret About Urgent Care In A Strip Mall

If you’ve ever walked into one of those 24-hour urgent care centers, you may have wondered about why a physician looks for jobs in those places. It’s nowhere near as glamorous as working in a hospital setting. And you’d think that most doctors would want the comfort of a cushy private practice, rather than working in a strip mall.

But not so fast! If you dig below the surface, you will find that physician jobs in urgent care centers can be pretty cool. They get to see all kinds of patients who have really interesting emergencies, like broken limbs or bee stings or even the occasional heart attack. That’s just like in a hospital ER, but without all of the white noise that goes along with a hectic ER environment. Urgent care centers are usually much better decorated and have better TV programs on, or even music in the waiting room.

These doctors often have patients they see on a regular basis. Those who cannot afford to go to an out of network doctor will utilize these centers as a means for their primary care. Unlike a private practice, the doctors in these facilities do not have to worry about running a business on top of seeing patients.