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Many surgeon jobs are considered high-risk. So often they are holding people’s lives in their hands. Anytime surgery is necessary, it is a frightening prospect to the patient. After all, it isn’t just anyone who can perform delicate operations. It requires a great deal of skill, a steady hand, an enormous amount of patience and the ability to assess a situation midway through a procedure if complications arise.

Surgeon jobs are not easy. You have to be a doctor with excellent manual dexterity. The slightest tweak or sudden movement can possibly mean the difference between life and death. While the surgeon has others there to assist them in the procedure, including an anesthesiologist monitoring the patient’s breathing, and nurse practitioners to offer the right tools, the success of the operation depends on the surgeon. With all of that movement going on around them, they have to be aware of everything happening in the room while never taking their eye off of the patient. These doctors are skilled at standing for hours at a time with distractions going on all around them in the operating room and remaining steadfast and focused on the task at hand.

It’s no wonder that surgeons are some of the most respected types of doctors in the medical profession.