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The internal medicine (IM) doctor plays a vital role in healthcare. They have an ongoing relationship with their patients and see them for wellness checkups, among other things. It is their job to keep track of a patient’s health over a long period. By getting a baseline in any patient’s general physical condition, they can monitor any changes that occur over time.

These specialty doctors can treat a variety of diseases that their patients have. An IM doctor can act as an adult’s primary care physician, though they are not considered to be general or family practitioners. Rather, their focus is more specialized, and many times they will consult with other specialists when the need arises.

There is an internal medicine doctor for every stage of life as well, but there are subspecialty groups that cover pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics.

Another role that this doctor can choose is to focus on specific care, such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems. By seeing a physician who understands their particular health challenges, they can get the right ongoing advice, medicine, and proper monitoring.

With all of the avenues that an Internist can take, knowing which direction to focus on in a career can be daunting. Information about everything from the job requirements, workload, and compensation can help direct a young physician in the right direction.

Logging on to a website like MyCVConnection can help educate physicians about the types of positions that are available. They can also compare compensation in any specialty or geographic location. Even if they are not specifically looking for a new position, they can keep up with trends.  So when the time comes to make a move, they will already have their finger on the pulse of the job market.