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Medical Matchmaking for New Physicians

With eight years of med school and a residency behind you, you’re finally ready to practice medicine. Now what? Is there an easy, reliable way to find jobs for doctors these days?

Everyone thinks it’s a no-brainer because anyone with “MD” after his or her name should have no problem finding a place to hang your stethoscope.  But, spoiler alert! Physicians apply to med school and go wherever they are accepted. That could be anywhere from Granada to Iowa, and it may not be where you want to eventually practice. You’ve mastered your specialty and hopefully made a lot of connections within your hospital. That doesn’t mean you actually like living in a place where there is five feet of snow on the ground for half the year.

So, where is there a reliable resource that offers jobs for doctors with your specialty? You could look online, but most of those listings are either not legitimate or just generate dead ends.  Recruiters may be calling you, but once you get on their list, they call you all the time, and mostly for positions that are not even relevant to your specialty.

One resource, CVConnection, has an online portal where you can input all of the lifestyle and professional requirements that would make a perfect situation for you. At the same time, they research locations and institutions and give you a detailed profile. So once you input your information, they literally match you with viable, appealing opportunities.  Not a bad way to make professional connection!