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You may be very good at taking care of patients as a nurse practitioner, but salary negotiations may not be your strong suit.  You are not alone! It is one of the hardest parts for most people when they are recruited for a job, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in figuring out the right compensation package.

There are a number of factors to consider when you are offered a job. First, what is your experience level? The more years of experience you have, it follows that your salary, plus bonus and even profit sharing should increase as well. Your specialty will also have an impact. If you work in a hospital emergency room, you should expect to be paid more than in acute care or cardiology.  Another consideration would be the geographic location where you’d like to work. Cost of living can impact nurse practitioner salary ranges just as with any career.

The biggest reason for the swing in compensation that you need to consider is based more on lifestyle. As evidenced by the higher earnings, if you work in a stressful environment with a busy workload and long hours, you should expect to be compensated for it. Likewise, if you want more work/life balance and want to live in a less populated area, you will still enjoy your work. Just don’t expect to get paid more for the privilege.