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Any physician on a job search knows that the number of available positions can be overwhelming. The search for qualified doctors is at a heightened level. Patients are having trouble getting appointments to see a doctor, hospitals have a shortage that is being filled by PAs and nurse practitioners, and the cost of medical school makes it prohibitive for some who are considering becoming a doctor.

Some have speculated that if a physician job search included some relief on student debt, it might convince young people to pursue the profession. A typical primary care doctor earns roughly $150,000 and graduates medical school with $200,000 in debt. That means it would take many years to make a dent in paying back the loan. Helping to alleviate some of the pressure could help recruit talent as institutions and private practices compete for the best and the brightest young doctors.

Another incentive could be to make it easier for doctors to decide where they want to land once they graduate. MyCVConnection.com is a one-stop shop for any medical professional looking for an opportunity. The site offers advice, trends, and listings all together in one place. Plus, doctors can get valuable information on various locations around the country, and compare types of positions and the salary ranges with cost of living and other requirements in mind. This could help doctors feel more comfortable in making a career decision.