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If you are a doctor looking for jobs, how do you know you have the best information about the position? There are additional considerations after the initial listing explains the description of the role.

The first question to ask is why the position is open in the first place. Is it a new position created due to an increase in demand? Or is it a position that was filled by someone else? If so, why did that person leave? This is important to ask a hiring manager, especially if the position is in a different location and you are not as familiar with the organization.

Then it is important to know about the required workload and hours. Depending on why you are searching for a new position, the new one could be just as stressful. You might want to talk with a few people who work in the organization in addition to the hiring manager so you can get an accurate view of the environment.

Also important in looking at doctor jobs is the total compensation package. Many candidates do not feel comfortable with negotiating through this part of the interview process. Websites like MyCVConnection.com offer great articles and whitepapers on ways to approach this, making sure you receive all of the added benefits available to you to make transitioning to another position worthwhile.