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If you’re looking for the industry that has the lowest level of unemployment in the country, you will find it in medical careers. That would be a great way to ensure that you will likely find employment and even have a growth path for the future.

Think about it. There are more people signing up for affordable healthcare and taking advantage of wellness programs. More so-called “second cities” around the country are booming and sprawling. With the demand growing at a record pace, healthcare organizations are opening up new regional hospitals, urgent care centers are opening in strip malls, and private practices are aligning with hospitals. Each of these facilities has more job openings than they can fill.

You can find options for medical careers by reading journals and general news stories to see where the trends are heading and what opportunities are available in your area. You can also look at specialized recruitment websites like MyCVConnection.com, where nationwide job listings are aggregated and posted as they come up.

Many of the jobs are in the areas of specialized medicine or various levels of nursing. But there are many positions for aides and administration staff that do not require a formal healthcare degree. Regardless of your background, there are many great opportunities for a future in this industry.