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If you are a doctor, you probably have been contacted at some point in your career by a number of medical recruiters. There is a shortage of qualified professionals, and staffing agencies are desperate to find interested parties to fill the many positions available across the country.

The problem is, you may not want to get constant phone calls and emails from these medical recruiters, even if you are interested in seeking a new opportunity. Once you look into a job posting, you are contacted almost immediately, and the agency has your information in their database. You become a target for prospecting whether you actually fit the criteria for the job or not.

Many staffing agencies will also attempt to recruit you for positions in other locations. This can be something of interest, but you then have to spend a great deal of time researching the geographic location, community, and institution you are considering.

The issue many doctors have is that they do not know any other way to find out about opportunities that may be of interest. You might want to look into websites like MyCVConnection.com where you can build a profile of your background and job preferences in a secure portal that staffing agencies cannot access. You then get matched to jobs that fit your criteria, and geographic information is also aggregated to give you details on other locations, all in one place.  It’s a one-stop shop for anyone interested in finding their next career move.