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Depending on your age, your interest in finding a healthcare job is completely different. Each generation has its own goals and comfort level with where they want to work and how they find a position.

Baby Boomers are aging but still very interested in staying in the workforce in some capacity. They tend to migrate to warmer climates and look for part-time positions to get themselves ready to transition into retirement, or to supplement their retirement income. For this group, if they are not already certified, finding a position in a non-medical capacity makes sense, since they can transfer some of their prior work experience to working in an office or other administrative role.

Generation X is a tech savvy group and might tend to look for medical work that utilizes their computer and technical skills. This could be in laboratories or clinics where understanding how to use sophisticated equipment is required.

Millennials are prone to work in more urban areas and might find a healthcare job to be extremely rewarding. This generation is very active in community service, volunteerism, and enjoy working in a team setting.

With the medical field expanding and the unemployment rate in this industry at an all time low, there is room for every generation to play their part.