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Using Websites To Find Medical Jobs

Most medical practitioners may not admit it, but there is a large majority that is actively seeking or open to healthcare recruitment. In fact, close to two-thirds of those in the industry are using their free time to search the web for their next job.

At the same time, one of the issues that plague many medical practitioners is that once they start the process of looking, they become bombarded with healthcare recruitment agencies.

There are, however, some other options that will guarantee privacy and reduce the annoyance of constantly being contacted by staffing agencies. Companies such as MyCVConnection provide both the applicants and the employers with secure portals. The two parties are matched up based on certain criteria. First there is the job listing itself. Applicants can specify the kind of practice or hospital setting they would like, including hours, patient load and culture.  They can also indicate the ideal location, housing and cost of living information, school ratings, even community activities and weather.  Once the applicants enter all of their information, the site automatically searches employers who fit the professional qualifications of the job, as well as the personal preferences of the location.

The employer is then notified of the applicant’s interest and can review his or her profile. Once the employer determines that the applicant is a good fit, they can connect together for further consideration.