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There are lots of opportunities for those people who love to help their fellow man, but don’t think they can consider careers in healthcare. You don’t have to spend eight years in medical school in order to be of service in wellness care.

In fact, some of the best careers in healthcare are as medical aides or assistants. You can help elderly people feel more comfortable in assisted living environments. Most of the time, your job requires you to help folks take their medications, or make sure they get to social activities or to the dining room for their meals. Elderly people tend to appreciate everything you do for them and can also have interesting stories to tell about their lives.

If you love children, you can work in a school or daycare facility and be on hand to help with some of the less serious issues that require someone with a limited medical background.  Even a summer camp requires having a nurse on the premises.

If you think you’d like to look at other options, consider becoming a physical therapist. You will be helping patients who have already been treated to gain strength and get back to a healthy place. That can be very rewarding as you watch them recover.

Regardless of the environment, you can make a go of being a part of this industry and enjoying the rewards of your job!