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How do you figure out if you want to look for adult nurse practitioner jobs that are permanent staff positions or temporary contract work? Weighing the pros and cons of compensation versus career satisfaction boils down to your personal and professional goals.

The advantages of working as an ANP in a hospital or nursing home are in stability of hours, income and workload. Hospitals can be stressful, especially if you work in emergency or intensive care, but these situations can also provide opportunities to hone your skills. In a nursing home or senior living facility, you get to know your patients on a very personal level. You can assess their overall health and advise them on medications, diet, exercise and other general healthcare for chronic medical situations.

Some adult nurse practitioner jobs are offered on a more temporary basis, to fill in for another ANP who is on leave or as a stopgap for understaffed facilities. The benefit to these positions is that you are often paid well as a contractor. You can gain situational expertise because you are handling new environments and specialty areas. This can help you decide on where to focus your career at a later date. It also gives you more flexibility in your schedule.