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If you are working in a physician assistant job in a hospital, you may be looking for an opportunity to figure out a less stressful way to make a living. The hours can fluctuate based on schedules and your tenure. You are on your feet for extended periods of time. And you are likely on call to cover for others if the need arises.

You are well trained and ready to help patients.  But you are also interested in turning your focus to a career that may be more specialized so you can earn more money. Plus, you’ve been thinking about potentially go back to school to become a nurse practitioner or doctor.

The good news is that your physician assistant job has prepared you with skills that are transferable to other areas in healthcare. Your ability to review patient history, conduct exams, assess an illness or injury, recommend treatment, and counsel patients is pretty much the same as being a NP or MD.

Depending on the medical staff you are working under, they may give you more responsibility based on your desire to take on new roles. They can even advise you on the right courses to take to get certified in a specialization.  You are the wingman for the doctor you work with, and most are happy to be mentors.