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In 2014, CNN listed the best kinds of careers, and orthopedic surgeon jobs placed 33 out of 100. Why? First of all, orthopedics is a huge, growing industry. As boomers get older and more people are interested in sports, there has been an increase in the need to visit an orthopedist for bone and joint related issues. In fact, the 10-year growth for orthopedic surgeons was a whopping 23%.

CNN’s research team asked orthopedists to rate aspects of their profession that had to do with personal satisfaction, stress, and helping people. While there is some stress related to this profession, doctors gave this part of their careers a “B” rating, while the other considerations were given an “A.”

Orthopedists do not have to work the long hours or handle the high levels of stress that ER doctors or cardiologists have to endure. The majority of their patients are not in life-threatening situations, and they can help people get back to their normal lives without the debilitating effects of other health ailments.

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