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If you are a compassionate RN who wants to have a greater impact in your healthcare career to help patients, you might want to consider looking into nurse practitioner jobs.

You can really make a big difference to both physicians and patients. You’ll need to be an RN who has been certified, and then you’ll need to spend two to four years receiving advanced training, but at least you won’t have the expense or years of medical school to become a doctor. What you will have is the ability to examine, diagnose, and treat patients just like a physician. You can work in pretty much any setting and lead a team of medical support staff that can assist you in caring for patients.

As the healthcare industry is booming and the shortage of qualified doctors is growing, there is a demand for the nurse practitioner to fill jobs that might otherwise have been held by young physicians. You would be an asset to more senior physicians in hospitals and private practice because you can take some of the stress of a heavy workload off of them. Patients who want to spend more time with their healthcare professional to discuss their overall health issues would also welcome you.

All in all, it’s a win-win for everyone.