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Years ago, no one grew up saying they wanted to look at nurse practitioner careers. The choice was always either a doctor or a nurse. If you wanted to become a doctor, you (and your parents) understood that it was a big commitment of money and years of studying. But, the idea was that there was a big payoff at the end of the tunnel in the form of a high income and a meaningful practice where you could help patients live long and healthy lives. Or, your default was to become a nurse. You could go to school for less time and still have the benefits of helping people, but you worked long hours and did not make as much income.

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has promoted an alternative that is somewhere in between. Nurse practitioner careers are booming. You are required to get a master’s degree, so there is some higher education costs, but once certified, you can go right to work in pretty much any medical setting, perform a lot of the same duties as a doctor, and make a good living.

If you love working with people, like the challenges of treating patients, and would like to have a satisfying profession without the lengthy time and cost involved, then becoming an NP is the perfect solution.