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If you are currently practicing medicine but want to consider jobs that are not necessarily in a typical setting, there are some great opportunities available. After all, many doctors and nurse practitioners burn out in the intense environment of hospitals, or simply want a change of scenery.

There are some interesting options that you may find on medical websites like MyCVConnection. Many recruiters may not know about these positions since the employers are not in the realm of the traditional healthcare industry.

For example, if you have a number of years of experience working in an emergency room, you might consider becoming a doctor or nurse practitioner on a cruise ship or in a resort setting. You get the benefits of working in a terrific environment and the stress level is much lower.  If flying is your passion, there are positions on a medical plane or helicopter where you would basically be treating patients who have been airlifted to a hospital.

If you love medicine but don’t want to look for jobs that specifically deal with patients, becoming a forensic doctor or nurse practitioner could be very interesting. You work with law enforcement, lawyers and coroners to figure out how someone died after the fact.  Another possibility is to enter into a research facility where you could conduct studies, track diseases, and help find cures.