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Doctors who are interested in pediatrician jobs have the widest spectrum of patients and healthcare issues than perhaps any other specialty.

If you think about it, they treat patients who are days old, all the way up to high school graduates. They diagnose everything from ear infections to acne. They get to know their patients from the beginning of life and watch them grow up into healthy young adults. No other type of doctor can see one patient for 18 years and see so many changes in their physical stature and wellbeing.

As children grow up, they often look to their doctor as that place where they go to play with toys in the reception room, which they like, as well as get shots, which they hate. They learn to trust that their doctor will somehow make them feel better when they have a sore throat or earache, even if they don’t understand how the doctor does it. They are the patients who most need an advocate, not only in the form of their parents, but in the form of a healthcare professional that will work to keep them well.

For these reasons, pediatrician jobs are very rewarding. Saving a young life, helping to keep a new life healthy, watching a newborn grow and become a young adult are just some of the reasons why pediatricians think there is no greater profession in healthcare.