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The Mystique of ER Doctors

If you’ve ever needed to go to an ER, you’ve encountered those brave people who have emergency physician jobs. It’s hard to imagine how they do it every day. They see the results of some of the most incredibly violent crimes, like gunshot and knife wounds or physical violence. If someone goes into cardiac arrest, they have to resuscitate the patient. They see bones sticking out in the wrong places, an appendix burst, a baby being born and old people dying.

What possesses someone to seek out emergency physician jobs? They have to attend medical school like any other doctor, so they could choose to specialize in an area that does not have as much stress or drama involved, like in a family practice.

It could be that, along with all of the blood and gore, they find there is a thrill to not knowing what to expect every day when they go to work. They might also feel a sense of accomplishment in being faced with one crisis after another and handling all of them. Or they may like the rush of never being bored, keeping on their toes for 8-12 hours, and helping to save lives on a regular basis. Whatever it is, the rest of us are glad they are there!