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Recruitment Fees 100% Contingent on Placement



From Primary Care to Subspecialty work, we can help you find qualified physicians for your clinic or hospital.


Advanced Practice Clinicians

We can connect you with Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant or CRNA providers in a variety of specialty focuses.



Recruitment of Dentists is growing.  We can help your corporate, private, or community health practice recruit.


Contingent Recruitment

We work with medical facilities nationwide to fill physician, dentist, and advanced practice clinician jobs. We serve the needs of healthcare facilities who want to improve the lives of patients in their communities. Our experienced recruitment team will work as an extension of your internal recruitment efforts.

We will only submit candidates we have personally screened and evaluated for your position. Our sourcing process is governed by our commitment to ethical recruitment practices.

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Contract Negotiation

We will help facilitate discussions between you and the candidate to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

Multi-Search Agreements

Since there are no upfront costs, we can work strategically on all of your open needs with no risk to you.

cost cutting recruitment technology

We use technology to improve your cost-to-hire: video conferencing, DocuSign electronic document management, and the latest sourcing tools.

Interview Selection process

We provide well-vetted candidates and can help you arrange your interview schedules.



We will adapt to your selection process by offering whatever verifications are needed to secure a placement.

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What Motivates Hospitals to Recruit Physicians

If you have ever wondered what motivates hospitals to recruit physicians, the answer is often times complex. Hospital executives must consider many factors in their decision including responding to the needs of their community, ensuring responsive to turnover, and...

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Our process and company are built on finding the right connections, not just the most convenient ones. We believe in integrity, honesty and helping others.

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