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There are pros and cons to joining a medical staffing network if you are a healthcare professional.

On the good side, many of these agencies are a consortium that stretches across the country, and they potentially have access to a very wide net of opportunities. If you are looking to make a change in lifestyle as well as your job, it can be helpful to know that some of these agencies can find you permanent or locum tenens positions pretty much anywhere you’d like to go. They will locate a position and negotiate your compensation, travel expenses, and accommodations packages.

Now there is also a not so good side of a medical staffing network. Because they are run as a business, they have numbers to meet, and their job is to make placements. You may not think an opportunity is exactly what you had hoped, but somehow they are trying to sell you on it anyway. Or, they may convince you that a temporary position in a hospital environment is clean and orderly, but when you get there, it is understaffed and you are part of an organizational triage.

The best way to determine if a staffing agency is right for you is to research them online, and check referrals from those that have worked with them before. If they aren’t willing to give you references, that’s a red flag right there.