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The life of a country doctor is something that most who may be thinking about GP jobs may not consider. But the benefits to hanging a shingle in a rural area could far outweigh the glamorous life in the city.

In less populated areas, there is more dependence on the general practitioner since there are less medical resources for families. It is possible that everyone in the family will go to the same doctor for wellness care. So you would be a pediatrician as well as a gerontologist, and have a broad range of issues to tackle in a single day.

Patients value your services as a GP, but you also have jobs of many other types of doctors. Since you would be the primary source of care, you would have an opportunity to flex your medical muscles in treating a variety of diseases and ailments. This is where all of your medical training can really be put to use on a regular basis.

The lifestyle in the country could also be a plus if you have a family. The cost of living is much lower than in an urban area, so you could have a better overall quality of life, and retirement.